When preparing a loved one for senior living, activity and socialization have a massive impact on their day-to-day experience. Luckily, fitness and classes are often readily available. Here are some of the benefits of fitness classes and activity.


Consistency and Accountability


Above all, fitness will get you on a schedule. Whether it be every day, every other day, a few times a week, etc. Any sort of consistency to keep up with in a sense of accountability. Building a schedule in fitness gives structure, which allows senior living to feel easier.

Improves Functionality and Lowers Disease Risk


In later stages of life, seniors are more susceptible to a myriad of diseases and conditions. To combat these, fitness activates the mind and body in a very unique format. Hand eye coordination, brain activity, and senses overall are improved. These all contribute to better energy, improved mood, and a better sense of fulfillment. Also, these traits inherently improve resistance to disease and conditions.


Social comradery


Whether it be with family members that are able to join, or friends in assisted living, comradery is improved. Self accountability, friendly competition, and growth towards goals all emphasize that the journey is a shared experience. Working together and growing together is a fantastic foundation for fitness.